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Rodent Removal Dryer Vent Cleaning

rodent removal dryer vent cleaning

Do You Have A dead Animal Stench When Your Dryer Is Working?

It is very common for us to get calls for same day dryer vent cleaning because a really bad smells comes out of the dryer area. In most cases this is due to a dead rodent that got stuck in your dryer vent. In many dryer vents that exit your outside wall at the bottom right by the floor, rodents would find it inviting to build a nest. In addition, if your dryer vent is partially clogged and the air velocity is lower than it should be, its the perfect condition for a rodent to move in. In many cases when a rodent has moved in, it would also get baked by the heat, which causes the horrible stench in your laundry room and sometimes around your home.

How To Prevent Rodents From Nesting In My Dryer Vent?

As we mentioned early, there are mainly two reasons for rodents to nest in your dryer vent.

  1. A clogged dryer vent with reduced air flow.
  2. No mesh or flap to prevent the rodent from going into the dryer vent.

Therefore, most important approach to make sure your dryer vent is safe, is to get it cleaned. First and foremost, by cleaning your vent you are preventing a potential fire, also, you will improve the efficiency of your dryer. However, another important benefit is your air velocity and increased heat will deter the rodent from entering into your dryer vent.

In addition, dryer vents have different types of fittings for the outside venting area. These fittings have a flap, or several small flaps that shut close when machine is off in order to prevent rodents from entering. In addition to a quality dryer vent fitting you can always add a fitted mesh that would not allow a rodent to enter and nest in your dryer vent.

In any case we are always ready and available to help you clean your dryer vent and get rid of the horrible dead rodent stench.

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