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Expert Dryer Vent Cleaning

Getting a dryer vent cleaned to remove clogs is important for two primary reasons: safety and efficiency.

Safety: Most of us do not realize the importance and urgency of a dryer vent cleaning. Actually, many do believe that cleaning the filter in the lint trap after each drying cycle is enough. However, over time the lint build up in your dryer vent, creating sever clogs that could completely block the velocity of the air coming from your dryer trying to push its way out.

Efficiency: This must be the major reason why most of our customers call us to clean their dryer vent. Actually many of you are surprised when we emphasize the importance and the risk in a clogged dryer vent. .

When your dryer vent is clogged, the air partially or mostly in some cases has no where to exit. Therefore, creating a much higher heat in your dryer, causing the sensor to shut down the dryer heaters in order to avoid a fire. When the heaters are not able to work the full interval length programmed, it leaves your dryer cycling through without heat, and you may find your clothes still wet after 2-3 cycles. Therefore, causing you to run your dryer many more times and spend a lot more electricity than you should.