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Water In The Dryer Vent

water in the dryer vent

Got Water In The Dryer Vent?

There are several reasons to have water in the dryer vent. Here we will try to touch the main points and reasons for the water build up in your vent. In any case, if you have water in your dryer vent, it is highly recommended to extract the water and clean your dryer vent ASAP. This will help you avoid any water damage, and potentially avoid a fire hazard.

Water In Your Dryer Vent Due To A Blockage Or A Clog

The main and most commonly found reason for water build up in your dryer vent is due to a clog or a blockage in your vent. While your dryer is trying to dry the clothes, it heats up the drum and uses a blower to push the air outside. The hot air being pushed outside will also carry the humidity from the load. However, as humidity is much heavier than hot air, any interruptions on the way may cause the humidity to settle inside your dryer vent. Therefore, if you repeat this action enough you will find water build up in your dryer vent. Whether a lint clog is causing the air to slow down, or even a blocked exit on your vent, either way the humidity will build up in your vent, causing the lint inside to also become wet and heavier to move and clean.

Water Flooding The Dryer Vent For Outside Cause

In some winters in Orange County, California, we have noticed that heavy rain can penetrate deep into the ground and floor some vents that run underneath the slab. This typically happens in older homes, but we do get many calls for similar issues. In addition, some water irrigation, or any external water source that could find its way into the vent will cause a water build up.

Flooded Dryer Vent Due To Slab Leak

This reason is less likely to happen, however, we have seen a slab leak causing water build up in a dryer vent.

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